About Us

We love what we do, so we are confident in the excellent end result.

We launched our activities in 1999 as an advertising studio, offering branding, corporate identity and advertising. We designed logos and corporate identities for startups, which later on turned into big organizations, such as Amek Toys and Zagorska. Back in 2000 we started working with BVM to develop a series of children’s computer games for the German market for big publishing companies such as Tivola, Kiddinxand, Koppenrath, and we did that for nearly five years. Meanwhile, in 2002 we designed our first website, radfahrenin.de, again for a German client. In 2004 we built our first web portal, zeleno.bg. Back in 2005 we created our first information system for the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy. The system offered project management tools under Competitiveness OP, as back in 2006 we also built the programme’s website. At the end of 2006 we registered Max Graphic EOOD and we directed our effort entirely to online projects. Back in 2007 we developed our first online shop, for our client Tech-co, seller of automobile spare parts. The shop has been functioning smoothly ever since, registering thousands of sales and taking on hundreds of thousands of impressions every day. Shortly after that, we created other successful online sales platforms for Elit Car, Monea, Spisanie 8 Magazine, and many other companies. In 2010 we launched our first ad campaigns on Google, and in 2014 on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Max Graphic EOOD is a company represented by Hristo Davarski, registered in 2006 as a successor of Hristo Davarski ЕТ, encorporated back in 1999.

Currently, we are working in close collaboration with our clients, so that we can come up with smart ideas and elegant solutions to difficult issues together. We like to venture into unknown areas and we try to make things beautiful, intuitive, functional and efficient.

We take care of our clients’ overall online presence. We create tailor-made solutions, as we believe that every client is unique and deserves a different presentation. For us, every project should not only be visually attractive, but also convenient enough, understandable and functional, so it can successfully serve the purpose it was created for.

We have extensive experience with various projects. We work with startups, and together we lay the foundations for their successful development by creating their overall corporate image and identity. We build complicated information portals, successful online shops, creative micro sites and business apps. We provide expert consultation and we enjoy great long-term relations with our clients. We stand by their side at all times, and we help them develop their potential with targeted advertising campaigns. We support them during the difficult period of attracting new customers. We take nothing for granted and we work hard throughout the period of growth to the point of creating a strong and stable company. We are well aware that the competition never sleeps.



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Magazine 8
Among the large selection of companies, offering web design and web page creation, we chose Max Graphic because of how many recommended them to us.

All of our needs for our project which were set while working together were successfully implemented.

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Cisco Systems
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Incredible people, amazing work!

I would like to say that I remained extremely impressed of the work of Max Graphic.

Excellent quality of the website from the Max Graphic Team!

Working with them is incredibly easy, they understand what you are in need of swiftly and always offer much more than what you had asked for.

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You can count on them not only for development, but for support too.

One of the best quality brands for web design, logo design and online advertising.

One of the very few professionals in this area, who perfectly understand what their clients need even if they are internet illiterate.

Dez Cont EOOD
One of the best Bulgarian companies for web design and support, logo design and managing online advertisements.

We thank Max Graphic for the professionalism, flexibility and individuality.